Enterprise BI Portal v4.2 Released

The latest release of the Enterprise BI Portal is all about asset management, and boy does it deliver.  A new asset embedding framework now allows you to embed any web based asset directly into the portal.  To remove the complexity of embedding assets, the new version also comes with easy to follow wizards that guide you step by step through the process.

For those with more technical skills, you can now also upload your own code and design elements to completely customise the portal to your individual organisation guidelines.

Lets take a look at what 4.2 includes:

Asset Management Features:


We have included a new embedding framework that allows you to embed any web based asset type right in to the portal.  Previous versions of the Portal only allowed you to register and publish assets, but to view the asset meant you were directed to the source application.  Now you stay right where you are!

Embedding an Asset type does involve some technical complexity.  We’ve provided wizards for the following groups of asset types that take the guess work out of setting this option up.  v4.2 provides wizards for the following asset types:

    • Power BI
    • Power BI Report Server
    • SQL Server Reporting Services

Not only can you now embed assets, you can choose exactly which assets you want to embed, or disable the embed options for assets you would prefer to access at the source.


Once your asset has been embedded you can pin the asset directly to a tile layout.  This means you can control exactly which assets are targeted to which team for their individual landing page.

A new feature also gives you the ability to disable users from opening the asset in the source system.

Update Connection

In this version, you can now update asset connection information, and even change the asset type.

Power BI Report Server Support

We’ve provided support for Power BI Report Server in this release, with this support you can;

  • Register assets from Power BI Report Server
  • Embed these assets using the Power BI Report Server embedding wizard. We even support embedded excel if you’ve connected an Office Online Server!
  • Import these assets automatically using the Power BI Report Server source system connector

SSRS 2017 Support

Enterprise BI Portal 4.2 now comes with a SQL Server Reporting Services source system connector to support the new 2017 version.


Try it for yourself today.

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