Enterprise BI Portal v4.2 Released

The latest release of the Enterprise BI Portal is all about asset management, and boy does it deliver.  A new asset embedding framework now allows you to embed any web based asset directly into the portal.  To remove the complexity of embedding assets, the new version also comes with easy to follow wizards that guide you step by step through the process.

For those with more technical skills, you can now also upload your own code and design elements to completely customise the portal to your individual organisation guidelines.

Lets take a look at what 4.2 includes:

Asset Management Features:


We have included a new embedding framework that allows you to embed any web based asset type right in to the portal.  Previous versions of the Portal only allowed you to register and publish assets, but to view the asset meant you were directed to the source application.  Now you stay right where you are!

Embedding an Asset type does involve some technical complexity.  We’ve provided wizards for the following groups of asset types that take the guess work out of setting this option up.  v4.2 provides wizards for the following asset types:

    • Power BI
    • Power BI Report Server
    • SQL Server Reporting Services

Not only can you now embed assets, you can choose exactly which assets you want to embed, or disable the embed options for assets you would prefer to access at the source.


Once your asset has been embedded you can pin the asset directly to a tile layout.  This means you can control exactly which assets are targeted to which team for their individual landing page.

A new feature also gives you the ability to disable users from opening the asset in the source system.

Update Connection

In this version, you can now update asset connection information, and even change the asset type.

Power BI Report Server Support

We’ve provided support for Power BI Report Server in this release, with this support you can;

  • Register assets from Power BI Report Server
  • Embed these assets using the Power BI Report Server embedding wizard. We even support embedded excel if you’ve connected an Office Online Server!
  • Import these assets automatically using the Power BI Report Server source system connector

SSRS 2017 Support

Enterprise BI Portal 4.2 now comes with a SQL Server Reporting Services source system connector to support the new 2017 version.


Try it for yourself today.

 Additional Resources

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  2. Download the White Paper Now
  3. Click Here to arrange a Demonstration today.

New Release of Enterprise BI Portal

Version 4.1 of the Perspective Enterprise BI Portal is here, and the latest visualization focused enhancements are stunning.

Perspective Enterprise BI Portal is a “one-stop-shop” to bring together and harmonize heterogeneous reporting environments. For organizations adopting a bi-modal analytics strategy combining both traditional BI with modern BI, Perspective – Enterprise BI Portal solves the pains of trying to find the right report, reduce duplicate analytical efforts, and unite silos of insight.

Here is a break down of the latest features:

1. Customised Branding

You can now fully customise the look and feel of the Portal via the brand new ‘Branding’ option available for Portal administrators.  From minor cosmetic changes such as logo and color theme, right through to being able to upload your own CSS file to seamlessly fit in with your Corporate style guide.

2. New Layout Options

Prefer to view results in a list? The Portal now has the ability to switch layout views so you can find what you are looking for in a format that you want.

We have also added a visually stunning presentation of Asset information and Editing.  Click on on the Information tab, and select an area to edit.  A smooth transition and presentation allows the user to view the page they came from and what they are editing in one block.

3. Keyword Search

You can now perform a keyword search across all published assets.  Simply enter what you are looking for and the Portal will display all relevant assets for your search.

4. Breadcrumbs

Dive deeper into the Portal and our new breadcrumb navigation will remind you exactly how you got there.   You can navigate to and fro along the breadcrumb to find what you are looking for.

Try it for yourself today.

Additional Resources

  1. For more information
  2. Download the White Paper Now
  3. Click Here to arrange a Demonstration today.

Perspective ILM announces 2 new Product Releases

Its with great excitement that we announce the latest major release of both Perspective Data Governor v5.0 and Perspective Enterprise BI Portal v4.0.

Perspective ILM products have been expediting BI initiatives of our customers for the past seven years, and have continuously evolved based on customer feedback, and latest Microsoft technologies.

Jen Underwood is hosting an exclusive Webinar to present the products in detail.  Make sure you register to hear from one of the greats of Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Focused on delivering enterprise BI rapidly and cost effectively, Perspective ILM products can stand up a production ready environment in days.  Let’s have a look at the products.

Low Friction Data Warehousing with Data Governor v5.0:

Perspective ILM Data Governor is a data orchestration accelerator.

Data Governor fast tracks operational data store, analytical sandbox and data warehouse creation by eliminating most of the complex extract-transform-load (ETL) work that historically accounted for 80% of the work effort. Utilizing an agile orchestration design and a simple user-friendly web interface, you can deliver insights with Data Governor from disparate data sources with no complex coding.

Additional Resources:

  1. For more information
  2. Download the White Paper Now
  3. Click Here to try it for yourself.

Unifying Analytics with Enterprise BI Portal v4.0:

Perspective Enterprise BI Portal is a “one-stop-shop” to bring together and harmonize heterogeneous reporting environments. For organizations adopting a bi-modal analytics strategy combining both traditional BI with modern BI, Perspective – Enterprise BI Portal solves the pains of trying to find the right report, reduce duplicate analytical efforts, and unite silos of insight.

The Portal’s unique publishing and tagging framework ensures content is discoverable in an intelligent, governed manner. With a completely configurable taxonomy, this solution allows you to manage reporting metadata across vendors and optionally integrate with third-party data catalogue offerings.

Additional Resources

  1. For more information
  2. Download the White Paper Now
  3. Click Here to try it for yourself.

Launch of Power BI Custom Visuals

We are proud to announce the launch of two brilliant Custom Power BI Visuals available for you to download today.  Created by our talented Solution Advisory Team, the downloads include a sample Power BI desktop file demonstrating how the visual can be used as well as the visual itself.

Parallel Co-ordinates

The Parallel Co-ordinates visual is a line chart which plots values over multiple dimensions rather than over a continuous series. Each data point has its own vertical axis and can therefore plot data which have different scales and formats. The parallel coordinates chart can help to highlight patterns in datasets that may not otherwise be clear in traditional time series charts.

Calendar KPIs

The Calendar visual allows you to visualise your data on a Calendar. Displaying one calendar month at a time, each date shows the value of the selected measure on that day. KPIs can also be added to the visual so that the shading on each date indicates performance against a target. An alternative to displaying time series data on a line chart, the calendar visual allows you to see at a glance performance over a calendar month. There is also an option to flag public holidays and weekends to exclude from KPIs.
We will be adding to our Custom Power BI Visual library, so stay tuned for the next instalment.

Perspective Data Governor 4.6 is Released!

‘Loving the new features in v4.6! Great stuff guys.’- Ben Oastler, St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Thanks to your feedback, Data Governor has been refreshed and we’re pleased to share the latest features in v4.6.

Key enhancements in v4.6 include:

Support for SQL Server 2016

Data Governor now supports SQL Server 2016. It can be installed in a SQL Server 2016 environment and can also manage and govern SQL Server 2016 objects and services.


Simpler Reconciliation

Simplified reconciliation reporting visualisation now displays source and targets as records (rows) with errors highlights side by side. This allows the user to quickly and easily identify reconciliation issues at a glance.


Enhanced User Experience

V4.6 includes a number of enhancements that improve the overall usability of the product. These include:

  1. Ability to clone tasks
  2. Search functionality to locate tables quickly
  3. Ability to change the status of a job directly from the job list instead of clicking through to each job to change
  4. A drag and drop capability to reorder reconciliation steps as required.

Want to try v4.6 of Data Governor for yourself?

Click here to try it now.

Existing Customers can access the full release notes, updated user guide and installers on the Yammer Support Site.

To arrange access, email info@perspectiveilm.com

The New Cloud BI Portal is Here

Perspective ILM is proud to announce the launch of its brand new software product: Cloud BI Portal.

A completely cloud founded Report publishing hub, the Cloud BI Portal brings together publishing and distribution capabilities not seen in any product of its kind.

Here are just a some of the product features:

  • Easy to browse Central Catalogue
  • Audience targeted, and fully customisable tiles
  • Commentary Capture (including targeting comments to specific users / groups)
  • Azure Data Catalogue Integration
  • Native Microsoft BI integration including Power BI, Datazen, and Reporting Services
  • Ability to publish reports from multiple platforms including Cognos, Qlikview and Tableau
  • Native Help Desk capabilities
  • Configurable Taxonomy
  • Full Azure Active Directory Integration
  • Native Permission sets

Addressing common Enterprise situations including:

  • Hard to navigate a myriad of reporting tools across legacy and new platforms, cloud and on-premise
  • Lots of reports on different topics that are hard to find
  • Lots of staff presented with lots of irrelevant information

The Portal very easily allows you to publish a lot of reports, from multiple platforms and distribute to a lot of people, from a single location.

Make sure you try it now.


Perspective ILM one of 25 Most Promising Business Intelligence Solution Providers

Point of view

Perspective ILM has been selected as one of the 25 most promising BI solution providers as selected by APAC CIO Outlook.

An amazing accolade for software products that have been continuously evolving over the past decade, incorporating a continuous flow of new features as the Microsoft BI landscape has changed and clients seek easier and faster ways of setting up profitable BI ecosystem.

Perspective ILM brings a suite of tools that addresses both the challenges of quickly establishing a robust Data Warehouse and a central hub for distribution of information and self-service consumption.

The tools are of course, Data Governor and Enterprise BI Portal.  There are currently over 30 companies in Australia that have onboarded Perspective ILM tools to expedite their BI initiatives, and continue to benefit from the tools as new versions are released, and more Microsoft BI tools such as Power BI are integrated.

Find out how we got there.

and don’t forget to check out the website for more information.

Perspective winds the dial on BI development

There are two very important factors in achieving faster actionable insight from your Business Intelligence environment.

  1. Your Data needs to be ready
  2. You need to be able to make sense of it

You have data in disparate systems across your enterprise.  Most businesses will be producing reports directly off the source systems, or bulk loading data into a staging environment to then produce reports.  In most cases these are produced manually, stitched together in Excel, and served to the business via email.  Sound familiar?

Here’s where Perspective steps in.  Lets look at how the products help.

Faster Data Delivery

Drastically reduce the time required to provision data for Reporting and Analytics

Establishing a Business Intelligence environment traditionally requires custom development of management frameworks and tools. Perspective Data Governor ensures a faster Data Warehouse development cycle by reducing the delay of onboarding new data, reducing the amount of ETL normally needed and minimising the ongoing management overhead. Featuring a single web interface, you can centrally manage job dependencies, data reconciliation and your data pipeline across multiple command operations, whilst defining ongoing incremental load rules in seconds.

Reliable and Timely Information

Automate processes to verify data accuracy and reduce your processing time
There may be a number of reasons why you’re experiencing quality and timing issues with data published for reporting and analytics.
Typically, it is difficult to time jobs to run in succession, and issues required a lot of time to investigate error logs and perform manual reconciliation checks.
Perspective Data Governor provides a practical Data Process Control framework that provides assurance of the timeliness and reliability of data by making sure jobs run in the right sequence and that dependencies are managed to fit into the time window for processing. Data Governor simplifies incremental processing to speed up data refreshes and provides automated Alerts of failed processes.
By automatically reconciling data between source and target systems at a transactional and aggregate level, Data Governor allows access to reliable and timely data required for meaningful business insight.

User Self-Service

Create a single point of delivery of all information across all your tools
Reporting sprawl is a common symptom of disparate department reporting requirements being provisioned by multiple tools used across different source and legacy systems. Due to this, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the information you are looking for, and even more difficult to track where and when the data originated. The Perspective Enterprise BI Portal drastically reduces the number of disparate reporting tools usually associated with provisioning BI. A single location for all of your reporting requirements, the Portal provides self-service capabilities for your entire business in a secure and governed manner.