The New Cloud BI Portal is Here

Perspective ILM is proud to announce the launch of its brand new software product: Cloud BI Portal.

A completely cloud founded Report publishing hub, the Cloud BI Portal brings together publishing and distribution capabilities not seen in any product of its kind.

Here are just a some of the product features:

  • Easy to browse Central Catalogue
  • Audience targeted, and fully customisable tiles
  • Commentary Capture (including targeting comments to specific users / groups)
  • Azure Data Catalogue Integration
  • Native Microsoft BI integration including Power BI, Datazen, and Reporting Services
  • Ability to publish reports from multiple platforms including Cognos, Qlikview and Tableau
  • Native Help Desk capabilities
  • Configurable Taxonomy
  • Full Azure Active Directory Integration
  • Native Permission sets

Addressing common Enterprise situations including:

  • Hard to navigate a myriad of reporting tools across legacy and new platforms, cloud and on-premise
  • Lots of reports on different topics that are hard to find
  • Lots of staff presented with lots of irrelevant information

The Portal very easily allows you to publish a lot of reports, from multiple platforms and distribute to a lot of people, from a single location.

Make sure you try it now.