Perspective Data Governor 4.0 is Released!

2015 is proving to be the year of major releases, and Data Governor 4.0 is no exception. An exciting new release that introduces automated deployment through development, test and production environments. The new features include:

Automated deployment for Jobs and Processes

Data Governor facilitates the deployment of Jobs and Processes through the development lifecycle, between Development, Test and Production Environments. It ensures environments are easily kept consistent and dramatically simplifies the effort involved in migrating through the environments.

Addition of Operating System Command process type

Data Governor can now execute and manage Operating System Commands allowing processing functionality beyond the data manipulation and transformation of SSIS packages and stored procedures.  Data Governor can now execute batch files that may manipulate files, execute external application processes, run PowerShell commands, and more.

Addition of XMLA process type

Processing SSAS cubes is now supported in Data Governor.  Both Tabular and MDX cubes are supported and allows the processing of cubes to be executed, managed and logged by Data Governor.  To process a cube (Tabular or MDX) simply add a Process (of type XMLA), define a connection as an XMLA connection to the Job and the cube will be processed.

Data Migration import and export to flat files

Import/Export to Flat File has now been improved and does not require the ACE driver (Microsoft Office – Access) to be installed.  Multi character delimiters can now be defined to allow import/export of verbose text columns (where single delimiters may be found within the text). There is also a swag of enhancements ranging from IE11 compatibility, additional logging information, enhanced usability and more.  Make sure you check out the website for more details, and download a fact sheet  to see how Data Governor help your BI initiatives.

Perspective Enterprise BI Portal V2 is Released!

Perspective Enterprise BI Portal V2 is here!

We are proud to announce the much anticipated new release of the Perspective Enterprise BI Portal.

The Enterprise BI Portal streamlines the creation and publication of reports across multiple platforms. Built on a central report catalogue enabling unmatched ease of discovery for business users, the portal solution provides business users the ability to create and find dashboards and reports from a single location.

After an overwhelming response in 2014 to V1 Enterprise BI Portal, we have spent the last 6 months in development to include brilliant new features in version 2.

From a brand new report visualisation layout, to tile based data alerts, commentary and more, the Enterprise BI Portal V2 promises to deliver a more interactive, easier to customise and personalise, audience targeted portal solution than before.

V2 introduces the following new features:

New Report list visualisation:

A stunning tile based layout of subject specific reports, V2 provides report type based visual categorisation, allowing you to quickly and easily identify the type of report saved.  From each tile you can open the report, and view all the related information associated to the report in a single click, eliminating the need to use the traditional ellipse.


Report Information Page:

A custom feature that provides a central location from the navigation to view a report, view information about the report and perform actions on the report from one location.


Commentary capture against reports:

Commenting on documents has always been possible, why not on reporting objects? The Enterprise BI Portal provides the ability to create commentary on reports, whilst also allowing other users to ask questions provide feedback on the commentary.


Tile Based Scorecards and Data Alerts:

Data driven tile visualisations means that the Enterprise BI Portal allows you to view data alerts and scorecards directly from the homepage. Know if and when action needs to be taken immediately on key data updates presented in a device friendly tile layout.

User Defined Tiles including Audience Targeting:

Tile based navigation is integral to the useability and success of adoption of the Enterprise BI Portal. Focused on key functions, the tiles allow a “one-click” approach to navigating quickly around the site. Being data driven, the function and appearance of the tiles can be configured by administrators as required, and can also be targeted to specific audiences ensuring the right teams are presented with the right tiles based on permissions.

There we have it, a host of brand new features you asked for, we are excited to offer V2 and look forward to kicking starting your BI initiative in 2015.

For more information go to or simply contact us for a demonstration.